Dochilak: A korean table


Since I’m very often visiting Paris, I try to discover places with some good cuisine. Dochilak is definitely one of them. Located on rue Saint-Augustin in the 2nd district of Paris, this restaurant of a simple decoration, will make you travel through their « homemade » dishes.

This day, we are lucky to have a table without reservation (I advise you to reserve, there was a huge queue within 15 minutes after being installed). An efficient and fast order taking, allows us to discover a rather tempting card. We are served fairly quickly.

I order ravioli (divine is the right word in this case) and grilled squid with hot sauce. Doudou opts for a sautéed salmon with soya. Everything is really good. Well cooked, fresh products. I would put a 7/10 for the meal and the setting.

On the other hand, a big flat concerning « the atmosphere ». If you want a quiet restaurant, go your way. The tables are very close to each other, which makes a conversation rather complicated if you do not want to raise your voice. And if you are unfortunate enough to be late for 5 minutes, say that it would be wise to eat elsewhere because they will not keep your table.

On the other hand, there is the possibility to take away, which can be a good alternative. A very good address, victim of its success, but at least to try once.

Dochilak Opéra

22 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75002 Paris

Tél: 0140079351

Bon appétit